Intro Blog to Mus111 – Welcome!


Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Ethan Swanson. I’m in my third year of Biochemistry studies and while looking for an interesting elective this term, I stumbled upon Music 111! Having played music for a number of years (Piano/Trombone) I am excited to learn more of the history of popular music and apply my knowledge of music theory to the material discussed in this class. When actually playing music I tend to stick to songs in the areas of classical and jazz, but when listening it could be just about any genre. I find it quite hard to just settle on picking just one favorite, as my list could go on and on, but I figured it would be interesting for me to share with the class a more recent, up-and-coming, Canadian band. Their name? T.W.R.P. TupperWare Remix Party. Their style is just as ridiculous as their name, and their rhythms and melodies will have you wanting to get up and dance!  Meeting somewhere in the middle of Styx’s synth-rock and Daft Punk’s electro-funk you will find TWRP. Seeing a live performance of these interstellar rock stars will have you laughing, dancing, and rocking out the whole night(Links to their website and a song from their youtube channel will be provided below).

Thank you for reading/listening and I’m looking forward to reading/listening to everyone’s awesome contributions!



TWRP’s official website – linking to their Bandcamp page