Charlene Kaye – Stuck on Replay – M1Q1


Charlene Kaye’s latest solo album “KAYE” has been stuck on my Spotify replay for the past week and I am loving it – more specifically, her song titled “UUU.” This alternative pop/rock piece features the instrumentation of a synthesizer, electric bass, electric guitar, and drums that make up the rhythm section with Kaye’s voice providing the majority of the melody. Some vocal percussion is also used in combination with the drums, producing a four-beat rhythm with a lively tempo and a distinctive back beat. On top of Kaye’s voice carrying the song’s melody, she also shows off her talents as a guitarist with riffs played after the chorus before the following verse begins and later on with a guitar solo as the tune reaches its end. Several instances of harmony can be heard from the chords of the synthesizer and the backup vocals under Kaye’s voice throughout the song. The dynamics of this song could be interpreted as a mezzo-piano to mezzo-forte (medium soft/medium loud) during the verses with a forte (loud) sound and an increase in intensity when Kaye reaches the song’s chorus. UUU primarily follows Verse/Chorus form after further listening and reading of the lyrics. In the realm of texture, timbre, and pitch, listeners can hear a blended sound of light, alto-ranged, female vocals on top of a heavily distorted bass and guitar, with a strong, punchy percussive drum beat. In regards to performance style, the music video portrays Kaye’s strong, confident personality through her vocals, dancing in various outfits, and showing off her guitar skills – all assembled together within a colourful light display. It should be stressed that music videos are an edited production, meaning that performance style could change to a certain degree in the setting of a live performance. That being said, the persona Kaye brings to this song feels very real to me, and the catchy beat makes me want to get up, dance, and repeat the process all over again!


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